Post 1185: a quiet morning watching the news….

The boys had kitty food, the wet kind. Andy had his medicine earlier and was a good boy! Now he’s sleeping in the bathroom on his favorite place: The mat outside the shower. He claimed that the moment I put it down. Dougy knows. Yes, Dougy knows! He leaves that spot alone unless he wants a fight!

Fixed myself french toast (French toast?) for breakfast, along with  a rich Brazil Adrano coffee made from beans I roasted, and a fruit cup. Then Dougy and I sat down for the morning news. Well, maybe Dougy was more interested in a nap, but, well, you know….


Dougy asks the question, “Meow?!”102118-dougy-on-ottoman

I’m busy watching the news, so give him a “brush off” answer. “Later, Dougy! This is important, too.”102116-dougy-watchoing-tv

That’s OK by Dougy. He wanted to take his nap anyway.102116 me watching tv.jpg

Of course, that doesn’t mean I get the recliner to myself.102116-andy-stops-by

While Dougy’s off getting a drink, Andy stops by.102116-andy-in-middle

“Meow!” he says, meaning, “But none of that dang politics on the news for me!” He has standards.102116-but-no-poklitics-andy

I can appreciate Andy’s concern, though I feel I, as a citizen, need to be informed. He’s just a cute little kitty!