Post 1428: Andy says, “Of course I’m curious! I’m a kitty cat!”

Andy stops by. He wants to know something.

Could it be I’m watching kitty videos. Andy comes closer…


…Nope! Looks like blog editing. Pretty dull stuff!


Time to leave!


Andy has better things to do. Take a nap, perhaps. Yeah! A nap!

24 thoughts on “Post 1428: Andy says, “Of course I’m curious! I’m a kitty cat!”

    • Ha! Ha! Andy sees me on the laptop, and he stretches out on the recliner arm across from me. Same business! Dougy watches for a short time, but Andy really enjoys videos.

    • You know it, Phenny! Yeah, “Simon’s Cat” is really true to life, hence very funny! The Englishman who does those cartoons does have cats in his life, so he proves he is a keen observer of cat behavior in each cartoon!

      After the kitty boys had their breakfast, stayed around long enough to interact (in naughty ways!) with each other, and I got a few photos for my future blogs, they wandered off to take their post-breakfast and early play naps. After they took off to take naps, I managed to put together blogs for Tuesday through Friday! I rarely have more than a blog for the current day plus one for the next one, so I feel really accomplished this morning!

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