Mysterious Wildcats by Joel Sartore

Feeling zapped today, but here are some fantastic photos by the Nebraskan photographer Joel Sartore to fill your need for more kitties, more! more! more! I understand your need. Andy and Dougy need a break today, too. We’re all dragging.


23 thoughts on “Mysterious Wildcats by Joel Sartore

    • With professional cameras and a heck of a lot more talent, I could do the same. LOL! Yes, Joel Sartore is very talented! I do, too. Cats are amazing and beautiful animals.

    • Yeah, that’s one handsome kittycat! Anyway, I enjoyed the photos so much I knew I had to share them on my blog, too. That reblog button screamed: “USE ME!” And I, obviously, did!

    • Sartore is a seriously good photographer of wild animals, and I enjoy his work a lot! It’s one of the things I enjoy a lot in National Geographic.

  1. I love the fishing cats… and I was deep impressed that they love to swim… I hope we can keep this wonderful cats on our planet… and I also hope people would stop to try to make them to pets…

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