Post 1464: Andy indulges himself…

Andy takes a snack break at the kitty food feeding bowls. (Dougy snoozes in his flamingo-colored tub.)

Hmm. There’s some ‘nip on the top of this box. Andy tells himself, “Why not…!?” (Dougy wakes to his wee brother having a ‘nipster ‘nip attack!)


Nom! Nom! Nom! Snort! Sniff! Nom! Nom! Snort!

(Dougy’s seen enough! He leaves the room.)


Andy really, really, really likes ‘nip, and doesn’t care if it comes in fresh leaf, dried leaf, as a flavor in kitty treats, a scent added to a kitty toy, or spray: “GIMME MY ‘NIP!” says Andy, though in his typically soft voice.

Dougy, on the other hand, likes fresh and dried leaf, but is one of those cats that doesn’t seem to get any thrill from it. Or, maybe, he gets just a little one. Take ‘nip or leave it is his motto!

16 thoughts on “Post 1464: Andy indulges himself…

    • That he is! Of course, kitties, as you know, sleep most of the day!

      I’m enjoying both of your blogs a lot now that I figured out why I couldn’t get the follow button to show up, Dan.

      I hope others reading this comment follow the links to both of your blogs. While Dan the Young Scientist is full of fun science experiments and information people of all ages should enjoy, I know everyone who follows this blog will enjoy your new b;log featuring Sally the German shepherd and Smokey the tabby kitty, your pets:

      • Thank you! And I’m so appreciated what you said about my blogs. I really wanted to post more videos on Youtube but I just don’t have the time. Studying, maintaining two blogs, chores in the house just sucks up my time.
        Anyway, you’re one of the best followers that I had, and your blog is very beautiful! The reason I created the pet blog is because to attract more follows to my science blog. And it actually work! I got 3 from there.
        And about kitties sleeping; my shorthair sleeps 14 hours per day compare to humans, we sleep 7-10 hours perday. I think my cat is sleeping to much! 😡😡

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