Post 1463: Andy wants ice!

Andy is the more patient of the kitty boys. He wants ice in his water, so he – hint! hint! – perches on the kitty box by the refrigerator.

But his patience isn’t infinite! “Please, please, please! Gimme ice!”




“Since you got in my face, kitty, OK!” Andy gets his ice. (Notice how much shedded hair’s on the carpet? It’s an endless job to keep it vacuumed this time of year.)





14 thoughts on “Post 1463: Andy wants ice!

    • Yes, he is! He just sits in front of the water bowl and sends out “cute beams” until I get the hint and put ice in the water for him! (Thanks! I saw the Facebook message, too!)

  1. Time of the year? No way…it’s the l light, its to blame. When the sun shines in here, it looks like a blizzard of white furs. However when the shade hits the livingroom…it looks clean. hehe I just pulled the drapes closed. One has to know how to handle these little upsets.


    • No kidding! Same here! Air conditioning helps, but the ice adds another layer of heat relief. Andy sits by the little bowl I put ice and water in when he wants a refill of ice. Dougy still prefers water without the ice.

    • I guess it won’t happen since I am totally unfamiliar with it and it has never played in this home! (My kitties tend to enjoy public radio when I’;m gone, though they may change the station, too. Don’t know…)

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