Post 1553: Eventually, we get our kitty on!

Dougy seems reluctant. “What’s this? Do I look playful just now?”

IMG_20171020_043025 (1)

Hmm. This won’t work.

IMG_20171020_050712 (1)

Progress? He’s acting like he might play now. Maybe.

IMG_20171020_043953 (3)

Woo hoo! That’s more like it, Dougy! It was intense kitty play from this point on!

12 thoughts on “Post 1553: Eventually, we get our kitty on!

    • A current hot toy is the strip I pulled off their bag of kitty food. It’s about 34 inch wide by a12 inches long, and both kitty boys go wild when I pull it out! Andy found it behind his favorite box in the kitchen, which is next to where the kitty food bag is. I must have accidentally dropped it in that area, perhaps behind the box. At any rate, great fun for no cost!

    • Interesting, isn’t it Even though it hasn’t been that long since they kitty boys got trimmed, Dougy’s fur looks (and feels) very lush, thick, and soft. He does have a really dense undercoat.

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