Post 1551: curious about my leg…

Dougy seemed interested in my leg, sniffing, licking it. What curious behavior!


That moment when Dougy realized I’m made of meat! 


17 thoughts on “Post 1551: curious about my leg…

    • Dougy claims me as his by rubbing on my legs, leaving his scent. Andy, of course, ignores the posted warning of Dougy’s scent and gets his share of “scritches”, too! As for Dougy liking me, I think I must have dropped part of my breakfast on my leg, and that was why he was excited when he smelled my leg. At least, that’s what I hope! LOL!

  1. Let’s hope Dougy doesn’t decide some night to sample people meat!

    Realistically, I’ve never heard of cats feasting on humans. Dogs, yes, but cats seem to have better tastes. 😉

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