Post 1558: snow time…sort of

We had a few snow flakes yesterday. I’m not quite ready to give up my cargo shorts, but I can see the writing on the wall! That said, the kitty boys find snow fascinating. Today’s blog is about some of their snow experiences.

You may have seen some of these videos before if you’ve followed this blog long enough, but I hope you enjoy them just the same!



Hope you enjoyed the show!




37 thoughts on “Post 1558: snow time…sort of

    • Ha! Ha! Here, we wear cargo shorts till the snow reaches the bottom pockets! LOL! Of course, we wear winter jackets on top, maybe a neck scarf. As for driving, we are out in it, pretending cars and trucks with all year tires somehow are exempt from the laws of nature and will stop just as fast as on dry streets. The local paper, after the first good snowstorm of the year, always has lots of accidents to report and blame on snowy roads. (Apparently the idiots driving the vehicles were actually victims of mean snowflakes ganging up on them, not poor judgement or lousy driving skills!)

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    • Jean, the best part was it didn’t last. When I got out of dialysis, the streets were wet, but no snow accumulated. That’s the way to have it! I live at circa 1200 meters above sea level. The higher elevations and latitudes around here – Colorado, South and North Dakota, typically get the snow first and more often, though there is an area just north of here (the Pine Ridge ) that seems to get the snow first and worst before we do in the Central Panhandle, less than 100 km south of there.


  1. We got our first flakes on Halloween. They delivered my new moss a few days later. When they said fall delivery, I did not expect November. For some reason, fall and plants means October to me.


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