Post 1590: “That’s YOU, Andy!”

Andy likes watching videos and GIFs. When they are of Andy, he especially likes them, and paws at the screen, trying to make contact with that beautiful kitty boy!

Was ist los?” [“What’s happening?”] This is a mystery and a wonderment to Andy, as you might guess when he starts speaking German. (Ordinarily, he speaks Cattinese to me.)

Too much! Too much! Andy fizzles out and goes back to his nap.

Too bad, too, because he missed the short video where I “scritch” him.



17 thoughts on “Post 1590: “That’s YOU, Andy!”

    • I did order two new kitty fountains because the old ones are getting pretty spotty, thanks to the high mineral content in the water here. I like to have two on hand that I can alternate. The little motors get crudded up with the minerals and fail.

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