Post 1596: T’was the day before Christmas…

I set up the new pet fountain, an early Christmas present for the kitty boys. Andy immediately takes the empty box for his own. Dougy has a fit…


……and pouts by the dining room window.


Good grief! Andy leaves the box for a minute, Dougy returns and sits on top of Andy’s other box (the one with the second pet fountain). Andy is upset about Dougy sitting on his other box, then he shoos Dougy off the second box and sits on it! Dougy runs off to the bathroom I think, and…


…Andy returns to the first box.Β 

Whew! The kitty boys sort things out. Time for a nap!


52 thoughts on “Post 1596: T’was the day before Christmas…

  1. Weggieboy, you are sure smart to get 2 fountains with 2 boxes, ’cause somepawdy would’ve been left out had there only been one. I wish Sandy Paws would give me a sleigh ride to your house so I could play with my pals! Hugs!

    • Everything has to be evenly shared around here. I suspect you get to have everything to yourself, one way to save you from deprivation or conflicts! Andy and Dougy tend to want the same box at the same time even when there’s another one available. You know, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!

    • Thanks! They used to cost $70. Now they cost $40, so i bought two. I like to have two on hand so I can clean the one in reserve before I take the one in use out of service. The kitty boys get very anxious when I take away their water, so I like to minimize the down time. When I just had one on hand, they were very upset every time I took it w=away, emptied the water and broke it down for cleaning. The hard water deposits in particular require some elbow grease to remove, so there is some time involved in it.

  2. Andy’s look is precious! He is like, “This box is MINE!” Cats and boxes is a topic of itself. Little Pyshka collected all toys strewn around the place, both hers and the big guys’, and neatly arranged them in a box that she had appropriated for her own a while ago.
    The fountain is very impressive, but who needs fountains when this baby troublemaker presses the lever on the filtered water spigot and starts the water running both for herself and others! Splish-splash all over my kitchen counter!

    • Pyshka sounds like a very clever kitty! So far, the kitty boys haven’t made any effort to help themselves to tap water, though Andy likes to sleep in the bathroom basin. I think one of them accidentally knocked the lever on the bathroom tap the other day because I put the plunger down (and wipe the water off the basin) after use so it’s more comfortable for Andy, yet there was a half inch of water in the basin when I needed to use it again.

    • I know I will, and I’m trying to make sure the kitty boys do, too! (Their needs and interests are relatively easy to fulfill.) I look forward to your 2018 posts and your always interesting look at Las Vegas and the area. It is easy to think of the Las Vegas area as so much dull desert and the glamour of the city, but you show the other side, the side where real people live regular lives. It’s refreshing! And beautiful, too!

      • Awww thanks so very much Doug! Your so kind! I will be keeping an eye on those two trouble makers next year! Best Holiday wishes for you and yours Doug. ❀️✝️

  3. Looks like “boxing” day at your house. I had gotten my cats an automatic fountain similar to yours (but a little different) and no one was interested in it. My newest cat had (and maybe still does) crystals in her urine. The vet wanted her to drink more. I gave him the “deer in the headlight” look as I’ve never been successful convincing a cat to do anything they didn’t want to. The fountain didn’t work for her but eventually things resolved themselves somehow.

    • I think the reason my kitty boys drink from the fountain is they were introduced to it (and drinking water) at a time they were kittens and getting supplementary mother cat’s milk replacement milk stuff (can’t imagine what it was, but it was liquid and milky!) that their veterinarian prescribed to help build them up.

      They had health issues from a parasite they ingested with an infected grasshopper they caught and ate as kittens….! This lead them to accept the idea that drinking water was natural at that early age.

      “Boxing” day! As we LOL at this time of year, Ho! Ho! Ho! That’s a good one, Kate! Made me laugh!

  4. haha….sounds familiar! How do they like the fountain? It looks pretty interesting to me. Kali plays in the water….makes a heck of a mess. We have to put a t-towel under the fountain or the floor turns white from the water. Such fun.


    • Andy and Dougy both make use of the fountain as they are familiar with it and have used one like this since they were very young kittens.

      There is a plastic tray under the fountain that was designed to catch water splashed by pet. It is a crudded up mess that defies cleaning! (I suppose I could soak in in vinegar long enough to loosen up the mineral encrustations, and may do it some day….)

      If they drink from the basin instead of the fountain part, though, their ruffs soak up water like sponges. Of course, they always come over to me for loving when the have these water-soaked ruffs!

    • Ho! Ho! Ho! I’m sharing that with my friend Deborah. Charles, her Birman cat, is featured in tomorrow’s blog, and it will be apparent why tomorrow! Merry Christmas (I think again!), GP! I always enjoy you posts and like to encourage [people to read it.

          • Hey, you’d get to meet the kitty boys and I could take you around to see historic frontier forts that pepper the immediate area, Oregon Trail landmarks, the Black Hills where Custer left his name and the legacy of the revenge killings for Little Big Horn (it is thought) at Wounded Knee, which is 92 miles from where I live. I think you would find this a fascinating place to visit! We even have a small military museum that includes items donated by local people largely and an airport that was a US Army training base for the glider and paratroopers troops used in the D-Day invasion! I think you’d have a great time if you did come out this way! And I would have a great time showing you these places!

  5. I see your Christmas is off to a good start. Cat fountains are wonderful, all my cats drink regularly from theirs. It’s the moving water I’m sure. I assume the best gift (not that it’s really about presents) for you is the joy and companionship you get from the boys. Wishing you all the best in the coming year and a blessed Christmas.

    • And the same to you, Angela! I agree with you that the moving water is a big part of the attraction to cats. They’ve taken their water this way since they were kittens, and they are very good about drinking water, something cats don’t always do.

    • And the same to you and Poor John, Peggy! I’ve enjoyed both your Page 32 blog and your travel blogs a lot this year, and hope I haven’t missed any of them! (Since you often travel in places with spotty Internet connections, I know you sometimes have to post when possible, not when you want to!)

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