Post 1638: midnight snow…


Not to Andy’s taste! He checked the scene outside, then…


...took care of important kitty boy business on top of the cat tree. When it comes to snow, Andy doesn’t care for it!

39 thoughts on “Post 1638: midnight snow…

  1. Don’t blame him even a little bit. We’ve had heavy snows and the hills beside the driveway prove it. Kali always wants out on the covered deck til she gets outside and then she turns around and stares in the sliding glass door. Bet they’ll be delighted when spring comes…..I know I will!

    • You got that right, Jean. I especially love those soft spring rains and the first greening of the grass. Of course, spotting the first dandelions even passes as a pleasure of springtime! (I have some tulips and hyacinths next to the apartment that serve better harbingers than dandelions, but I gladly settle for any signs winter’s past!)

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