Post 1651: Andy’s video reviews…


Andy’s pestered me all morning to watch videos for kitties. Soooo… we watched this bird video. It held his attraction for a moment, as you can see from his viewing position. He rates it: 3 paws.

It’s 4:32:00 long, so you bet Andy got up and had some kitty treats and a rest stop several times during the play. I kept turning it off, but Andy came back and whined because it wasn’t still playing.  



Andy really, really, really loves these string game videos. Very interactive, keeps his attention like nothing else. Andy rates it: 6 paws! He knows he has only four paws, but Dougy said he could use two of his for this high rating.

His tummy and kidneys lasted the whole video.

[Sorry for the poor exposure but this is what you get when you make a GIF of a black cat in a low lit place!] 


We also watched a fun video (for me) of a squirrel family in a tree box. It lasts about 55 minutes, but Andy love, love, loved this video and wanted me to include it in this post.

He had to borrow all four of Dougy’s paws to give this video: 8 paws!

If you are a cat or a dog or if you have cats or dogs, watch or let them watch a bit of these videos and see if you agree with Andy’s review rating.