Post 1648: more “memory stick” kitty photos


Long before he destroyed the ottoman, it was Dougy’s domain.


Poor Andy! He was terrified at the veterinarian’s, even though the technicians treated him with gentleness and concern!

vet 6

I don’t make the kitty boys wear collars since they are inside cats, but I do get them vaccinated for all diseases their veterinarian recommends. I think these were their second tags for rabies. They’ve had another shot since then. I think they get another one this year. (I get postcard notifications when the kitty boys are due!) As for what happens if they were to get loose, they are microchipped.

Dougy always liked to hang out with me when I was on the PC. His “horns” are up in the last photo…! He usually put his paw over my arm, even as a kitten.


Look at that insolent expression on Dougy’s face while he is a naughty kitty destroying the settee!

andy in stripes

Andy in stripes!

Andy is the good kitty boy! You have to work hard to catch him being bad.