Post 1661: Where’s the kitty…?


Andy was hiding from me that day. You know, medicine time if I’m not mistaken. Where’s the kitty? 

andy hides from me IMG_20170107_051527 He’s a smart kitty, but he is pretty silly when he thinks he’s hiding…. Where IS that darn cat? LOL! 


On the other hand, when he wants something, he puts on “The Look”. In this case, “More kitty videos! NOW!” was his demand.


Mostly, though, Andy is a sweetie pie of a cat!

22 thoughts on “Post 1661: Where’s the kitty…?

    • Simple enough to do: I reach under the bed, grab him by the scruff of his neck and pull him out. sometimes I have to hold his front paws to keep him from digging in, though.

    • I know I do! LOL! On the other hand, If I managed somehow to hide under the bed (from myself, I guess), that’s where they’d find the bones when the neighbors complained about the strong odor of decay coming from my duplex! Ha!

  1. I always hide behind the front door. Nope you can’t see me. I just know it…. even though the door is almost open. Darn this pot belly from helping me to hide! I feel your boys – their eyes tell you anything. There is nothing like knowing how to give a good stink eye – snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

    • Me, too! Andy can be an ambiguous read many times, but his eyes tell me what I need to know. (Well, his “Wagging Tail That Foretells Total Death and Destruction” oftentimes gives a pretty good clue about his mood!)

    • Ugh! For sure. It seems like the nastiest tasting pill always gets caught somehow in my mouth, to dissolve slowly till I have this nasty taste telling me the nastiest tasting pill has once again managed to hide in my mouth to dissolve and gag me once again! I have one that is chalky and fishish-flavored that does this every time if I don’t make sure to swish liquid in my mouth to get it positioned to go down. Ugh! Just thinking about the taste gags me!

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