Post 1663: sleepy boys

What do cats do best? Or most, maybe? 

Sleep, of course!

That and cleaning their “precious”….

14 thoughts on “Post 1663: sleepy boys

  1. That’s exactly right! Mom says she wants to tickle their bellies! Do they have curly bellies? Mom says the furrs on my tummy are not really curly but “crimped.” Whatever that means!

    • I’ve had a long spell where things have been quiet and in control. I believe having regular medical attention at dialysis is a big part of it. I don’t get way with saying to myself, “Well, the incredibly debilitating pain in the vicinity of my heart will go away if I ignore it.” You know, the sort of thing men tend to do. “I’ll see a doctor if it doesn’t go away in a month or two.” I definitely follow the pattern, so the regular medical attention is good.

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