Post 1689: Ready for Freddy…


Snoozing, Dougy seems out of this world…


…yet his kitty senses are tuned into all around him.


Yes, in a nanosecond, Dougy can be “ready for Freddy”, as we say in my family. (Can’t define the expression or account for its origins, but it sure looks like Dougy’s pose is just that!)

19 thoughts on “Post 1689: Ready for Freddy…

    • Apparently it was a phrase Al Capp (an American cartoonist who drew a comic strip called “Lil Abner”) used to introduce a new character to his strip. He asked his readers the question if they were ready for Freddy till the character finally appeared in the comic strip. Freddy turned out to be an undertaker. The “Lil Abner” comic appeared in one of the newspapers we took, and my father apparently read it, thought the phrase was funny, and used it a lot when I was growing up! I was too young to read and remember it in the comic strip. I am glad others looked this up and clarified it for me! I guess the meaning as used would be something like are you read for some event to happen. (?)

  1. OK, found Ready for Freddy on Quora. Freddy Krueger is in the music video that was released with this song.” (Are You Ready for Freddy – Wikipedia) That may have originated from the Lil Abner comic strip. Whew!

  2. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know the origins of some of these sayings. Like, “Fit as a fiddle.” Huh? Whatever, Dougy does look ready.

    • I tend to be that way, too. Of course, I say naughty words as soon as I start fixing breakfast for the kitty boys and me and knock things off the counter. “$%#^&$&! It starts again!”

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