Post 1699: sneaking around…

Andy hears a kitty treat calling his name. Up and off he goes!

Dougy sniffs around, sees Andy’s gone. A perfect time to hop onto the end table to clean up a little! Oops! Is that the soft sound of kitty feet he hears?


Yep! Andy’s back and he wants his spot back! 


16 thoughts on “Post 1699: sneaking around…

  1. hehe…they are such fun little guys. A treat will get any furry up and moving. I forget Shoko’s treats after I read occasionally. This happens especially when I don’t read a story that night. I awaken at 3am and remember Shoko hasn’r had her treats. I shake the tin and Shoko appears from nowhere….well, I am fairly groggy, she could be appearing from right beside me. She devours her treats, disappears and I go back to sleep.



    • LOL! Shocko and the kitty boys respond to the same stimulus! I shake the kitty treat container, and they both are there! For that matter, before I bought kitty treats in a larger container, just the crinkly sound of the treat bag did the same. Shame on you for forgetting poor Shocko’s treats…but, of course, your punishment is waking up at 3 AM and remembering!


    • Yes, it did! Andy’s been spending more time on top of the stacked carriers, leaving the end table to Dougy if he wishes, but Andy hasn’t totally given the end table to Dougy, either!


  2. My neighbour back home (I’m out of Australia right now) said she had a bag of fertiliser pellets in her hand. When she took some out, my cat flew out through the cat flap, thinking it was the sound of the pellets she absolutely loves. My house sitter wondered why Minx had moved so quickly!


    • LOL! Yes, mine get very excited when they here any packaging crinkle like their kitty food bag! I know how it goes, Yvonne. Cute story, too! I can just see your cat shooting out the house to find those yummy kitty treats!

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      • You know it! Andy is doing very well indeed! Thanks for asking. (He’s been eating like a little fuzzy piggy since he got back, but I keep an eye on that since the kitty boys are ideal weight according to their veterinarian.)

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