Post 1722: living with furballs…


Living with Persian kitty boys means…

…furballs on the blinds…

…and furballs all over your carpets less than 24 hours after you vacuum!

34 thoughts on “Post 1722: living with furballs…

    • I bet! Two cats can fill the vacuum several times over in my small apartment, so I can only imagine how more cats would affect the vacuuming statistics!

  1. Was cleaning out the inside of the frig yesterday—there was even cat hair in there. Makes me wonder–what goes on when we aren’t home?

    • Good question, Joleen! Andy is clever enough to open cabinets and drawers, for example. Dougy observes his brother and imitates him, but hasn’t quite got the tricks down. Why not learn to open a refrigerator door? Of course, living with a cat is to live with no end of kitty hair everywheee, too! LOL!

  2. It’s the same at my house. If you’re like Mom, you wouldn’t have it any other way, ’cause if there were not those things then there wouldn’t be a kitty in the house. Purrs.

  3. Oh the fur balls on the blinds
    Oh the fur ball on the blinds
    If it wasn’t for Persian cats
    ……….it would all be curtains

  4. I understand completely, it’s one reason I am glad the house has wood floors, The old apartment had wall to wall carpet and it often looked like a giant lint filter, since I was still working and had less time for vacuuming.

    • My apartment has wall-to-wall carpet everywhere but the bathrooms. With rare exceptions, if there is diarrhea or barf to clean up, it is usually on the carpeted parts of the apartment. I never understood the point of carpets in areas like kitchens and dining rooms, and those in my apartment show specific examples of why it is never a good idea. Lucky you having wood floors!

    • I’ve got to the place where I don’t worry about how messy it looks. I just vacuum on a regular basis – daily or weekly, it will always need vacuuming!! Of course, if I know someone is coming to visit, I might do a quick vacuum and pick up, but (fortunately!) I usually meet friends outside the home.

    • Tons and tons and tons of it! Fluffy mounds of it. Piles and piles and piles of it. Even the Dyson vacuum designed for pet hair over-heated and choked recently on it! Pretty cats, Persian kitties, but they are major high maintenance, and the routine death of vacuums all over the world! (Two prior vacuums in this house died in the service of picking up pet hair….)

      Dyson update: Using a kitty wand toy wand, I managed to dislodge the 57 pound furball in the hosing that choked the motor. Well, maybe it wasn’t 57 pounds, but it was bigger than a breadbox!

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