Post 1723: wrong kitty…

“Aw! Wee Andrew on the computer desk shelf! I shall give him a good ‘skritching’!”

“Nae! ‘Tis MacDougall! Aw well, I shall ‘skritch’ him the same.”

Sometimes I get the kitty boys mixed up! Even Dougy was caught a bit off guard.



Speaking of Andy, here’s a matted bit of hair he groomed off himself. I try to keep up with the mats, but I do get help from the kitty boys, too! He left this one on the computer desk.

19 thoughts on “Post 1723: wrong kitty…

  1. Three of our four white cats are getting harder to tell apart (Wynken is white and longhaired) if their backs are turned to us, especially Nano and Blynken. I have to see the faces.

    • I can’t decide for sure, but sometime Andy’s eyes seem darker (that is, more like Dougy’s!) than they used to be. I still can tell them apart, though some ways I can’t till I see them face on.

    • No, the kitty boys are obviously Andy or Dougy except in instances where they appear in spots usually claimed by the other kitty boy. In this instance, Andy usually sleeps there. Once Dougy turned his head toward me, it was obviously he. The two boys have very different faces. Andy’s is b=narrower and his eyes are yellow; Dougy’s is classic Persian, with orangey-brown eyes. Andy’;s face is more like his Birman father’s, and Dougy’s is more like his Persian mother’s. A name tag would help, to be sure, but face recognition is faster. The have a different look from over head, too, and the texture of their hair is significantly different, again reflection the parent they most take after!

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