Post 1724: Internet interruption…

Dougy’s on the prowl, and Andy is looking out for his brother. Dougy’s has chased Andy every time he sees him today.

IMG_20180501_110544 (1)

So far so good! Andy’s beginning to outsmart his brother! He’s on the alert now.


I had an Internet outage yesterday, so was unable to post.

24 thoughts on “Post 1724: Internet interruption…

    • I had problems getting my laptop to start this morning and had a panicky moment where I scrolled through all the complications that would cause me if the laptop was “dead”…. Then I had an inspiration on what I could do to get it to load, it worked, and I sighed a huge sigh of relief! I hadn’t done my post for May 8th yet, and I had some updating on Andy’s health that I know his fans are waiting for. Whew!

      (I couldn’t get responses to your comments to load, either, but the problem went away after I reloaded my blog. No explanation why just your comments had this problem. Sometimes I wonder if these toys are fun or not!)

  1. I thought you said you had an inter net outrage
    I was going to say I could relate to that
    I hadn’t any email for a day or so

    • Exactly! My provider had commercials on television boasting of how reliable there service was compared with satellite service, then proceeded to provide lousy service!

    • I’m glad I used a computer for a good 17 years before I retired so I had some sense of how to maneuver through the vicissitudes of the tool! My two older siblings had little experience with them and never caught the bug. My other sister used a computer in her job before she retired, too, and the two of us use the tool all the time.

  2. The second photo down of Dougie is delightfully spot on with your comment. His expression backs you up all the way. One of the best ones you’ve done, caught his expression to perfection Sir. Well done!
    Virgin Internet has let me down around six times over the last few days, luckily it was not for long periods this time.
    All the best Sir.

    • Thanks! Sometimes I luck out. My service, Spectrum, had had intermittent interruptions in their service for months now. Imagine watching your favorite news program, and the screen image comes to a halt – like a video on YouTube buffering! You miss part of the commentary, just enough to lose the sense of the segment. It always seemed to be on those few channels that I actually watch out of the zillions I get.

  3. No internet?! How do we live??! I don’t remember life without internet… okay I admit it I’m six and internet has been here all of my life but still. NNNOOO!!! XOXO – Bacon

  4. your boys act like the mama when we are disconnected with the world… I’m sure they will be re-connected like the internet soon ;O)))
    isn’t that awful when we are lonesome like spiders in the cellar without all our online furriends….

    • I was not reasonable when I contacted them. They now know I’m sick of the interruptions. They used to run television commercials about how reliable they are compared with satellite television…. Yeh, sure! Anyway, they sent a guy up in short order. Of course, the damn service was working then! He thinks my issues are related to work they are doing on their system related to an upgrade (!), so the people affected are either at work on the night shift, sleeping, or, like me, beginning their day, ;pissed to have to deal with interruptions in their service!

      • I hear you…. our connection died the moment I got a mail from our provider with rating their work&service… they probably knew that I planned to write a complain and kicked me off before I could hiss at them LOL

        • LOL! Or, perhaps, they knew you’d complain so gave you reason to! I do rate their automated fix-it service as pretty effective. Their live fix-it people are really good, too. Of course, I think the reason for the efficacy of those two functions comes from the high frequency of problems with their service!

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