Post 1756: Hee! Hee! That’s a big meatball!

Dougy is aware of his fluffy butt…but prefers you aren’t!

7 thoughts on “Post 1756: Hee! Hee! That’s a big meatball!

    • We will celebrate it the usual way: albacore water. Since the last birthday, though, I learned that they need to have their chunky and pate foods turned into a loose slurry that can lick up, thanks to their Persian mugs. I will do that because I think they need to get a special treat that’s more than just the juice (water off the can at that) and not the meat, which they’ve left uneaten in past. New toys? They probably won’t get more toys since they enjoy wand toys and peacock feathers they already have.

  1. 🐱 Fluffy butts lead to a ‘star trek’ saga every now & then {circling uranus & wiping out cling-ons! (just saying 😉 ) ‘a clean kitty is a happy kitty’ 🐱

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