Post 1757: air conditioned kitty…

The kitty boys love, love, love the air conditioning on hot days. Dougy finds that perfect spot to get the maximum amount of chilled air, and chills out. Happily, that perfect spot also is on his ottoman! 

23 thoughts on “Post 1757: air conditioned kitty…

  1. My parents had a Norwegian Forest cat. She would stretch out in front of the air vent winter and summer. Winter for the heat and summer for the air conditioning.

  2. Hey Doug
    Just dropping by to say hello
    See how you are doing
    The cats are cool
    But what about you
    As Sheldon Yoursly

  3. I do not have air conditioning (rather unusual in flats in Germany, to have it). So I closed the bed-room door with my cat lying on the bed and opened all the other windows. A breath of fresh air!

  4. Do not you think, Doug, that dougy is a Sybarite ? 🙂 🙂
    I thank you for the long comment in English and In French . I do not forget what you have the kindness to tell me . I have just asked the Dopler report of my fistula . I will get it tomorrow morning and I will show to the dialysis doctor at the hopital.of Amiens
    In friendship

    • Dougy definitely is!

      As for the information, there are many ways to get dialysis, and I didn’t know about any till I’d been on dialysis over a year. Anything we fellow patients can do to help each other just make sense to me!

      Meilleurs vœux lorsque vous discutez de vos résultats Dopler avec votre médecin!

    • Bon après-midi mon ami! Nous nous sentons tous très bien dans la climatisation, et nous sommes reconnaissants de ne pas avoir à faire de la chaleur pour quelque raison que ce soit. Andy et Dougy disent “Miaou”

  5. Mine are just starting to realise the benefits of sleeping on my bed when the aircon is one – especially overnight at the moment – it’s made it much easier to get them indoors in the evenings 🙂

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