Post 1758: Yummy kitty treats!

Try to get a focused shot of the kitty boys when they are eating kitty treats…can’t be done with simple cameras or smart phones! (Andy’s on the left.)

15 thoughts on “Post 1758: Yummy kitty treats!

    • They are especially partial to chicken-flavored Greenies dental treats, which I mention but note I get no payment for mentioning nor have I been asked to promote! They just happen to like these, which I initially got from their veterinarian.

    • I settle for unfocused photos on the idea that it suggests motion. I’d be happier with perfectly focused, perfectly lighted photos, but pretty much learned that is a fairy tale when it comes to pet photography!

    • I think they’d be happy if that were their breakfast, but that is pate-style kitty food (chicken flavor mostly since that’s their favorite after tuna) that I add a little water to to mash into the pate to make a slurry. Persian kitties need a little help with wet foods this way. Before I made the slurry, they left most of the food on the plate because they couldn’t lick it up. Now, the plate is licked clean!

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