Post 1766: “I see youuuu!”


As you can tell by the grainy texture of the photo, Andy is hiding under the computer desk, a dark place to be this early in the morning. Black cat in the dark. But I see him and it’s time for you-know-what!

That’s right! It’s time for Andy’s blood pressure medicine!


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  1. I’m glad that M didn’t fight medicine … glowered, but didn’t bite, like Purrseidon… I’m in big trouble if she ever gets sick. That said, M specialized in blending into shadows and was amazingly difficult to find, even when he was in plain sight… I always wondered how he did that.

    • That’s a cat skill that depends on their ability to stay absolutely motionless, no matter what position they are in. At least that’s my theory! I know that I hand-fed pine siskins in my backyard by approaching them the way I’d observed cats approaching them: short burst of motion followed my striking a motionless pose till the “prey” settled down, then repeat the action till I was close enough for them to land on my hand with the shelled sunflower seed! I think we are fooled by lack of motion. What do you think?

      I know what you mean about how cleverly kitties can hide right in front of us, though! Only knowing the kitty boys’ habits clues me into where to find Andy for his medicine.
      Incidentally, I walked over to the post-breakfast little red child’s chair where Andy typically perches after he cleans up, reached down, and picked him up this morning. Even I was surprised it was that easy!

      • I think you have something about how motionless cats can be. Mr. M used to sprawl on my desk behind the monitor – in plain sight – but he was nearly impossible to see…. Bravo on you for learning to stalk like a cat! M didn’t stalk in that typical way and I suspect it had to do with his health issues, which were also probably why he made the choice to become an indoor cat.
        Prior to that, when he lived feral, he would settle down next to the trunk of a tree (usually an oak) and stay still as a fixed shadow… eventually, the squirrel would come down the trunk straight into his clutches…
        Do you think Andy has given up trying to hide?

        • I hope he hasn’t given up so much as recognizes the nasty medicine is just a short interlude stuffed in a bunch of things he likes.

          • I think he’s getting there Jeanne. It used to be difficult to catch him, but lately he’s been extremely easy to catch. Yesterday, for example, I just leaned down and picked him off of a little chair he was on. What??? Oh well, if that is the new normal, I can handle it! Initially, I was worried he was lethargic or depressed and just gave up, but I was reassured when I picked up a long, thick string off the floor and he was fighting me to take it! He is not as playful as Dougy unl;ess you know he just has strong play preferences. Dougy will play with anything; Andy likes string, feathers, wand toys (Birbug, again is a favorite of both), and simple things like a rolled up piece of paper.

          • Purr loves playing with water, so we need to keep the bathroom doors shut otherwise there will be quite a bit of flushing… She also loves playing soccer.
            Katsu likes playing with the feather on the wand, but his favorite thing is playing fetch with a crinkly ball… we’ve never had a cat that actually like those balls before.

          • That flushing business is one reason not to train a kitty to use the human toilet AND flush! They are like two-year-olds: obsessively interested in repeating activities that amuse them. I keep the lid down in my bathrooms, too, because I noticed Dougy and Andy find the swirl of a flushing toilet very, very, very interesting! When one of them started to reach into the toilet, I knew there would never be a raised toilet lid in the house again as long as they live! LOL!

          • I thought Purrseidon was unique in her fascination with flushing the toilet! Had no idea other cat-parents needed to keep the lids down to prohibit water-play, too!

          • I have to block access to the cabinets under sinks, too, because the kitty boys want to go where the bleach and other dangerous materials are kept.

          • So far, Saphera and Purrseidon haven’t figured out how to use the magnetic locks designed for toddlers…. I suspect it’s only a matter of time.

    • For sure! The medicine is supposed to be chicken-flavored, but Andy’s reaction to it suggests it must be barely so.

    • Not a bad idea! Andy has conflicting thoughts about medicine time because I always begin it by letting him rest his head on my shoulder while I stroke him, “scritch” his head and ears – all the things he likes! That helps relax him a little, but, bets of all, is Andy and my quality time at least twice a day. Next, I wrap him in a towel to immobilize those “Horrific, Scary, Murderous, Critter-Slaughtering Terror Paws from Hell”. Then I squirt the ,medicine into his mouth…as much as he allows and that I can! Usually, a little of it dribbles out of his mouth, so I have a wet paper towel to clean him up so his face hair isn’t matted with medicine. The final and best part, though, is I let him out of the towel and he runs to the place where I put out the kitty treats. Dougy knows Andy gets treats at certain times, so he slips in and helps Andy eat them even though the idea is to give Andy treats for being a good kitty boy!

  2. oh the eyes look primising ….like Phenny when he sees the bathtub ;O))) btw: is is always easy for you to know who is who even at night? I picked the wrong one yesterday night ;O)))))

    • Sometimes it is more a matter of “Oh, Dougy’s over on his ottoman, so that has to be Andy hiding in the dark….” Time of day, too, gives a hint because Andy knows when the medicine is coming his way. Dougy has no reason to hide at those times.

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