Post 1767: rest day…

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The kitty boys need a day of rest from bloggery. “What do you think we are” queried Dougall, “…circus performers?”

“Geez, Dougy, I thought you and Andy enjoyed showing the world what spoiled, pampered, lazy, insolent kitty boys living in America are like.” 


“Don’t be silly, human guy! We are exactly the same as all kitties everywhere: lovable, clever, useful, playful furballs of fun!” countered Dougley. “So there!” 


Then, just to demonstrate kitties control us, not the other way around, Douglas sat up and did one of those irritating kitty things: staring at nothing!

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” whined the scared snotless human guy, “There must be really scary spirit things only kitty boys can sense hiding behind the recliner!”

Dougy guffawed silent kitty guffaws and thought to himself, “Ha! Gotcha again!” 

20 thoughts on “Post 1767: rest day…

  1. Lily does that sitting up thing and starts looking around and I ask her what does she hear my problem is one day she’s going to answer me

  2. The pawparazzi doesn’t want us to have any breaks! I think we should have a union strike! Tee hee hee! Say, Mr. Doug, Mom asks what WP plugin you’ve decided to use for “GDPR”? She’s been looking into several, but still unsure. Hugs.

    • I hope the one I use is acceptable. The name suggests it. Here’s a link to the thing since it is buried under what seems like hundreds of plugins available in the security section of the plugins option:

      There definitely is a need for the cutey pies of WordPress to organize and get a piece of the treats, eh?!

    • Either that or they hear something we don’t here, then go in to that stalking behavior where they come to a complete stop.

      • It’s creepy isn’t it? I like to watch those ghost programmes on TV, probably where I came up with that idea. Supposedly, animals are more in tune with that stuff than we humans.

        • So I understand. It is creepy, for sure, and I pull the covers over my head we=hen I go to bed. (As you know from childhood, the boogeyman can’t get you if your head is under the covers!)

      • it is… my cousin once said they can see ghosts and they stare at them… she made my childhood to hell with her stupid stuff… if you have such a weird family you really don’t need to make you some enemies… ;O)))))

        • Hey, as the youngest of four, I am well aware of the terroristic things older siblings pull on their vulnerable (usually cuter and most loved by the parents…) baby sisters and brothers!

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