Post 1768: looking “hot”…


Andy gets questions about how he manages to always look so, erm, “hot”. Once more, he will share his beauty secrets. Pay attention. It goes by fast!

“There you go. Simple, eh?! You can do it, too!” Andy believes in positive re-enforcement.

andy on print out

“Any further questions?” Andy asks…

andy winks

“No?! Good~! You pay much better attention than the last ones who asked!”

Andy asks me to send you kitty kisses and “scritches” for your continued interest. Give yourself a treat! 





27 thoughts on “Post 1768: looking “hot”…

    • He wishes! If there are any girl kitties around, I am unaware of them. There are other cats in the neighborhood, but they are indoor cats because all of us (it seems) are aware of the hazards in our neighborhood for pets let out to roam.

    • That’s the sad part about pets. I suppose parrots would be the exception, though you then are pretty much guaranteed the problem of making sure they are cared for after you die.

    • I believe one of Andy’s GIFs demonstrates cleaning his “precious”, that particular spot to which you refer, Phenny! Oh yes, the bottom left and bottom right both show that, but Persians are so hairy, they can do it discretely and no one can see what they are doing. LOL!

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