Post 1782: priorities…

Dougy wanted to play earlier, but decided what he really wanted to do was sleep. Later, I tried to get his kitty on. He took a sniff and a look at the toy, but returned to sleep. All in a kitty boy’s day! 

25 thoughts on “Post 1782: priorities…

  1. That’s how I’ve been feeling a lot lately, too, Dougy. Sometimes a kitty just wants to get in some extra sleep time, right? Mom thinks I’m kind of in a slump. Dad says I’m just getting old. Winks.

    • You need a bug to show up to keep you in fighting trim, Valentine! (Or, a good nap – you’ll know which will do the most good!)

  2. A kitty has to weigh his options. To wake and play or to sleep and look absolutely gorgeous? Tis a hard one but i played with that toy before, it’s no big thrill. Now, I was dreaming of a long haired mouse, it was black and ansered to the name of Dougy. I will continue with my shut eye.

    Shoko’s views

    • It isn’t advisable here – Andy is a screen climber and has actually pulled screens off windows. I live near two major roads, and they are indoor kitties for their safety. An screen off the window would present an opportunity for an escape. I can, and do, crack the windows open enough that they can hear the birds but wouldn’t be able to escape if Andy accidentally pulled the screen off when climbing it.

      • After 12 yrs Washe cat (indoor cat too) has not done the Screen YET, I’m sure he being a 13# critter he could easily do it. He sure luvs the birds though.
        √ out this viddy of him!

        wags his tail like a puppy 🙂 🐱

        • Wow! I really enjoyed the video! That cardinal definitely has nerves of steel, and your kitty got a very good look at the bird. Does he chirp while watching birds or other potential prey? I bet your kitty could pull down a screen at 13 pounds! (5,9kg) Andy’s only 9 pounds 4 ounces (4,2kg) as of his last veterinarian visit.

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