Post 1814: Not dead, just felt like it!

Don’t know what Andy was upset about, but I was torqued off about the smart phone shutting off after posting endless advertisements or just shutting off. Oh, and because of the reason yesterday didn’t have a post – something I ate disagreed with me, and I was preoccupied. (I’ll spare you the – yuck! – details!)

Things sorted out, though, and Andy got back to being curious about that thing I stuck in his face – the smart phone!

41 thoughts on “Post 1814: Not dead, just felt like it!

  1. Great photos, and nice to see one of you, too. You almost look as if you could be French, spending your retirement in a little French hilltop village, writing your blog & having the odd glass of red wine. Louis Catorze approves! ๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ‘‘

  2. Wow, that sounds awful. I am really getting careful about food and don’t eat out much anymore. Thankfully I can cook most of what I like. It has always impressed me how you keep up regular posting in spite of your schedule and technical problems. I know I couldn’t do it.

    • It is hard some days. For example, so e days, certain letters and punctuation don t operate on this da n laptop. Reason? Don t know! It really slows things down. today, it s the apostrophe, the letter after L, the letter after U, and the delete key. It slows things down and ruins the creative flow.

  3. Hope you feel better now Doug. Drink – rest – drink -repeat (you decide what the drinking is all about ๐Ÿ˜€ although I have a pretty good idea of what your Dr. would say). The ZAB team.

  4. Andy was purr-obaly sharing your frustrations from yesterday. We kitties are purr-ty observant as to the moods our humans are in and we can take on some of the same vibes. I’m sure glad your tummy is feeling better today, Mr. Doug. The doggie had an upset one yesterday, but that’s because she got into the pork chops that were thawing for dinner. Tee hee hee.

    • Bsd doggy! Andy and Dougy are pretty good about not getting into food, though I also don’t typically have any out except to cool down a little before I refrigerate it – for example a rhubarb pie I bakes=d this afternoon! Yum!

      You are right about animal pals. When I was suffering a WG flare in late 2015-early 2016, the kitty boys spent all their time with me, and seemed worried.

    • Yes, I’d lost close to 6.4 kilos in mostly fluid. I’ve spent the day working on hydrating slowly. Also, I’ve taken a post-dialysis nap that was needed and helped. Knowing me, I’ll still sleep through television tonight!

  5. Hope it wasn’t salmonella, which seems to be lurking everywhere now! (I thought Goldfish crackers, that snack of kindergarteners everywhere, was a new low.) Take care and drink plenty of fluids, especially the ones with electrolytes. (Sez one well acquainted with intestinal illnesses.)

    • It was a short episode, fortunately. I had the same thought, with all the news about lettuce, etc. Some of the cases were in Nebraska. When I mentioned it to the nurses at dialysis, they had the same thought. Anyway, I’m in the tired-as-heck phase, and have been rehydrating and resting today.

    • Thanks, chuq! I am doing much better today, but am still working on rehydration and rest. People on dialysis have a target “dry weight”, what they hope to take you down to by remoiving waste and fluid from you during dialysis. Today, my wet weight was over 2 kilos below the targeted dry weight! They had to add 800 ml of saline solution while doing my dialysis, and I still came out below the target dry weight by 1.8 kilos. Whew!

    • I’m not sure, but I suspect it might have been the Hunan beef I had the day before… Thanks! I try for a daily post, but there are times it just is more than I can handle.

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