Post 1813: sunny day doings…


Andy takes time to “comb” his tail. You didn’t think it got that fabulous without effort, did you?


Yeah, it’s a project all right!


Dougy’s done with grooming for the moment, so he enjoys a little sun.


See? His tail is looking fine. (Ew! That’s his butt on my books!)

22 thoughts on “Post 1813: sunny day doings…

  1. Andy’s tail is gorgeous, of course, and so is Dougy’s. As to butts on books, a while ago I couldn’t find my phone, and I needed to call my husband. After a thorough search (including refrigerator, oven, and Instant Pot), I e-mailed my husband and asked him to call me. He did. I heard the sound from the vicinity of the phone’s usual place onmy kitchen table. Sound – yes, phone – no! Aha! The sound was coming from under Barmalei’s behind – the original “butt dialing”!

  2. Those tails are pretty amazing. Just be glad they don’t you to buy special conditioner and a hair dryer for them. 🙂

  3. Our tails sure look alike. Say, Mr. Doug, do Andy and Dougy mind when you brush their tails? I don’t mind when Mom brushes the upperside of my tail, but I flick it away when she wants to brush the underside. Hugs.

    • Andy doesn’t like being brushed. Dougy does like brushing, and has no problem if I brush his tail, both sides! Each to his or her own, eh?!

    • Now that they have haircuts, the poopy butts are a problem of the past. As much as anything, that’s why I believe in periodic grooming for them.

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