Post 1850: Andy tries to tell me something…

Andy corners me and tries to tell me something that weighs heavily on his mind…. 

“Whatsa matter, boy? Timmy in the well again?”


Andy isn’t amused. That joke wasn’t funny the first time.

“Look at the clock, sir.” (Andy is the polite kitty boy of the two! Dougy would just shout it out, mrow, mrow, mrow.)

“See what Dougy’s doing?” Andy asks.

“Oh! It’s ‘Kitty Food Time!'” So I prepare the wet kitty food for the kitty boys and hope Dougy hasn’t eaten too much dry kitty food or he’ll miss out on the chicken paté. Believe me, Andy eats it all if Dougy hesitates a moment! 


10 thoughts on “Post 1850: Andy tries to tell me something…

  1. hahaha…”Timmy in the well.” I wouldn’t think this was funny if I was hungry either. Mom is amazed at how much wet food a male kitty eats. We girls are right dainty but Budd believes the more the better.


    • Andy is like Budd. Dougy’s learned to come running when I call his name because it may be the only way he gets his share of the wet food if Andy’s around! As it is, Andy always eats more of the wet food than Dougy. I don’t know if he was a runt as a kitten, but his approach to food suggests he may have been.

    • I think you may be right, John! LOL! Fortunately, Andy is a shy, polite kitty boy. Dougy tends to give me attitude if he’s upset with me.

    • Ja, en die puntige dingen aan de uiteinden van hun poten zijn een effectieve manier om de mens te laten weten dat ze onmiddellijke actie verwachten!

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