Post 1851: taking a rest…

Andy and Dougy had a busy morning. Now it’s time to rest. Dougy is so tired, in fact, he isn’t challenging Andy for resting on the television stand, something he would ordinarily do.


16 thoughts on “Post 1851: taking a rest…

        • I lost one cat to this operation. It was a shock, and probably is one reason I accepted Andy and Dougy as kittens, but would have turned down female kittens. (Of course, I probably would have accepted female kittens simply because kittens are irresistible!) It is reasonable to be nervous, I think, simply because it is a serious medical procedure with risks. Mostly, though, females get through it without problems. (My kitty showed no cause. I personally think Freckles died from stress because she was a rescue kitty that spent weeks in a cage where she could hear and smell barking dogs in cages in the same room, but not see or escape them. When she had the operation, she was put in a recovery cage surrounded by dogs in other ages! I still feel her loss. She was the sweetest little sweetie you an imagine. When I brought her home, I put her on my chest. She started purring instantly! I fell asleep with her there, and woke up an hour or so later. She still was on my chest, purring!)

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