Post 1856: Andy ponders a mystery…

IMG_20180916_004317“You ate it! That’s where it went, Drew.” Andy isn’t ready for “Kitty Food Time” to be over.

12 thoughts on “Post 1856: Andy ponders a mystery…

  1. Catch up was impossible for me these last few weeks, but I am glad to see you and the boys are well. The look of pondering the empty plate. We know that one well!

    Our transition into autumn has been relatively quick this year. We finally got rain, not much, but enough to refresh the gardens. We’ll be pressing grapes soon.

    Cats and crew here send their best to you, Andy and Dougy. 🙂

    • Best to you, Rick, and the menagerie, too! I always look forward to the rain since it knocks a lot of the dust out of the year, something that is common during most farming activities from Spring to Fall.

        • It’s a fact! I’ve watched him hog a whole plate of food meant to be shared with Dougy! Dougy generally comes running when I call his name because he knows there are high stakes for failing to run to the kitty food place. I used to use smaller plates for their food once I used up the larger ones, but Andy tended to crowd poor Dougy out if he didn’t stick up for his interests. Now I make sure I wash the larger plates in time for kitty food time so Dougy has a better shot at getting as much food as he wants, too!

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