Post 2242: Dougy’s veterinarian visit…


At first, he hides in the back of the carrier…

…but a great veterinarian technician can put a kitty boy at ease!

That isn’t to say he doesn’t hop off the examination table to explore the room for a way out!

He wanders top to bottom, then back up to the top of the room. No way out!

“Aha! This looks like a good possibility!” Dougy thinks, then he hops up on the counter.

“Hey! There’s another kitty on the other side! This must be the way out!”

>knock!< >knock!<


Dougy quickly learns otherwise. That was no way out.

Dougy hops off the counter and onto the trash can. After assessing his chances of getting out of the examination room, he hops up onto the examination table…


…where he waits a bit over 12 minutes like this till Dr. Y. arrives to examine him. Good kitty! (He gets a good report on his eye, the reason for the follow up.)


Back home again. Dougy whines as soon as the car stops and till I open the carrier door inside the apartment. Andy and he sniff each other, then both run off for kitty business. It was a successful veterinarian visit!



33 thoughts on “Post 2242: Dougy’s veterinarian visit…

    • Both Dougy and his brother are pretty good about tolerating handling by strangers. Andy will get owly about things like having his blood pressure taken. In that situation, the technician shaves his foot or under his tail at the base, and applies the cuff. The procedure involves taking six or more individual readings, averaging all but the highest or lowest one, and upsetting the cat! He especially hates the one on his tail. I suggest the foot one when they take it for that reason, and suggest they do the blood pressure test first because he become impatient and unpleasant if they do it last!

    • It did seem to calm him down. Even as far back as when he was a kitten, the first thing he’d do is jump off the examination table. The first time he did it, he was so little, I knew for sure he hurt himself – plop! – but he just straightened himself out and ran around the room, sniffing things and checking things out! That is his modus operandi for all things. I have to watch him closely when I open the door because he will sneak out to explore or – in one notorious instance! – get “lost” and cost me a reward for his return!

  1. It was fun sharing your vet visit, since it wasn’t a sick kitty trip and Dougy was being the intrepid explorer. Very happy to hear the eye is doing well.

    • It does make a difference when he is genuinely sick. He’ll still want to explore, but it’s easier stopping the jump off the examination table that inevitably happens! I had to laugh the day I took the photos that after all the exploration, Dougy ended up hopping on the examination table and resting quietly in that one position for over 12 minutes till his veterinarian came in! From now on, I guess my best plan is to let him explore.

    • Unfortunately, Dougy is a bit thin just now and is on a high protein diet to try to get some weight back on him. Being a Persian, all that hair makes him look fluffier than he (or his brother for that matter) is. That was one thing I brought up when was there with his veterinarian and the special diet was the thing he suggested. An in depth examination and blood tests done the first time I had him in for the eye showed he is in excellent test other that the weight. He likes the new food, so perhaps that will take care of the issue!

      His dad is a Birman, so Dougy looks nothing like him. His mother is a Persian with tabby cat markings. She’s a brownish red color, spo the smoke Persian coloration is buried somewhere in the genes of one or the other parent because Andy and Dougy don’t look like either parent for coats! Andy has his father’s face shape, and Dougy, his mother’s.

    • LOL! Dougy refrains from vocalizing until he knows there’s an audience. Then you’d think someone was pulling his tail off he makes such a yowl!

        • Fortunately for me, the trip to the veterinarian’s is only a short six blocks, and the groomer’s is only two blocks away. In both instances, Andy just sulks in the carrier and Dougy whines as long as he has a visible audience, which isn’t that long.

  2. you have a super vet!!! and the vet tech is fabulous!!! our vet said this too, let him wander around so he will be less nervous… 1 minute later we were running behind a dog who escaped with a stethoscope and a pen in his mouth…

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