Post 1866: Andy relaxes after medicine time…

Andy may resist medicine time, but he doesn’t fight the chance to relax on the recliner. For the sake of happy kitties, I leave the foot rest up to let the kitty boys have a favorite place for their snoozes.


That’s one content kitty in the photo above~! Of course, I rubbed his ears and muzzle before I took these photos, two of Andy’s happy time activities that always gets him purring.

17 thoughts on “Post 1866: Andy relaxes after medicine time…

  1. A horrible true story I must tell. I knew a lady with a recliner, and the cat went underneath, and when she sat on it and put the footrest down, he was killed by the mechanism underneath! I always look before putting the footrest down. That’s my safety tip–one I never see anywhere.

    • I am very careful about that, too. I hadn’t head about cats (or small animals) being hurt that way, let alone killed, but it definitely seemed like a potential hazard. That is a horrible story, and she must have been heartbroken after it happened. I can’t imagine…

    • Gad! One’s more than enough! When I learned Andy needed to have medicine for blood pressure, I asked if it could be prepared in a liquid form. Fortunately, it can, and liquid is much easier than convincing a cat to swallow a pill. It still is possible for the kitty to play tricks that result in the liquid flowing out the opposite side of his mouth, but Andy used up that trick early on. Most days, he gets the full dose!

      Dougy doesn’t need medicine at this point, and it was always for eye issues when he did. That was a mess to do twice a day, and I suspect he would be a challenge for something like his brother gets.

        • Since Andy and Dougy eat from the same dish, I don’t do that. For that matter, as long as Andy is reasonably tolerant of the liquid medicine – with preliminary petting, then swaddling in a towel, followed by kitty treats – the current method works for me, too. If he had to take it in pill form, since some medicines can’t be crushed and put in liquid for ease of dosing, I might have to try the method you suggest. Of course, then I’d have the hassle of feeding the kitty boys in two different places. I hope I don’t have to f=do that!

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