Post 1867: Andy’s delight…


Andy is a bit grumpy…


…waiting for his home-grown, fresh ‘nip!

(Not to worry. He got his nip. No photos were taken, however, thanks to a smart phone failure. Frankly, neither kitty boy reacts in a cute way to ‘nip. Both make a face like they just smelled a skunk. Dougy runs away and Andy circles around my hand with the ‘nip till he adjusts to the stench – ‘nip has a really nasty musky stench in my opinion and Dougy’s – then he sniffs and licks and chomps down on the leaf. Dougy eventually comes around for his share, but he prefers kitty treats over ‘nip any day!)

22 thoughts on “Post 1867: Andy’s delight…

    • I’m not sure what the deal is with Dougy. Andy likes it any way he can get it, but Dougy seems a bit overwhelmed by the fresh ‘nip. I grant it is a strong scent whern a cat can be several feet away and can react to it!

  1. I tried growing it in a vacant spot in the garden and a few different, but similar, plants started growing and I could not tell what was what so I abandoned growing it! Get it from Chewy or Amazon now and then. Long ago was giving it, rubbed on a toy, to Washe cat daily but he started acting like a zapped-out tweeker junkie! So now he gets a little, no more then once a week, on Sunday afternoons & I join him with a couple beers for me 😉

    • I had the problem of visiting cats having ‘nip parties! I even put a cage around a grown lamp grown plant. A neighbor teenage cat managed to rip the plant to shreds…reaching through the openings. Another plant grown and put outside in a bank of potted plants attracted another neighborhood cat. (I thought it was secure because it was hidden in so many plants!) I came home from work, and the kitty was sprawled out on the patio, surrounded with by catnip stems and leaves. He’d spent the day getting high, coming down, and repeating the process till the little catnip was a all used up!

    • I kind of react the same to basil! It’s my favorite! One year, I grew 12 different varieties of it in my garden and it was a summer to remember. (I don’t have a garden where I live now, though I can grow small amounts in the window.)

        • I grew thyme, rosemary, oregano, and marjoram (among several other herbs) under a grow light, The I highly recommend the fresh marjoram! I grew other herbs as well – that was when I grew all the basil varieties, too. Starting the ‘nip from seed reminded me how much I enjoyed growing an herb garden using a light stand. I’ll have to look into getting a new one that’s not quite as big as the one I used to have.

          • Yep we are lucky if we get cold weather for two months…..some years we seldom see any frost…..good for gardens stuff…sucks if you have fruit trees which I do…..chuq

          • Ugh! It is a shame when one has to leave the house closed when the weather is “nice” but too hot. We had enough of those days here this year, but nothing like your 90s all season. With two cats (even with odor-control litter) it always is nice to be able to leave the door open for fresh air.

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