Post 1873: Found some ribbon!


Hey! It’s the simple pleasures that keep Andy and Dougy entertained! Andy played “ribbon” earlier, then it was Dougy’s turn. As you can see, it was a good time for my kitties!

17 thoughts on “Post 1873: Found some ribbon!

    • For sure! Same with dogs, eh?! (Well, playing like puppies, though it would be fun to see a dog playing like a kitten. LOL!)

        • I didn’t know dogs responded to them, too! Dougy finds them interesting, but Andy – the little intellectual of the two – always locates the source rather than reacting to the light in play. He’s no fun! LOL! His play interests are elsewhere – boxes, pieces of paper, string, tear strips off of kitty food bags….

    • No kidding! I had to keep a pair of scissors handy to trim shredded ends off. I was concerned they might pull a bit off and swallow it.

    • Hoiw true! I’ve pretty much stopped buying expensive toys (other than wand toys) for two cats that can be entertained with a piece of string!

    • I owe them that much since I am away from the apartment often andf long enough during the week that I am concerned they aren’t getting enough fun in their lives. They do play together, but I enjoy joining in the fun!

    • Yes, the lkitty boys agree with you! Another thing they love, love, love is an unshelled walnut to bat around like a soccer ball!

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