Post 2055: in yer face…

Dougy (front) and Andy recently had a discussion about which kitty boy gets to have the top of the stacked carriers. Andy, of course, has chosen that spot for some time, and Dougy eventually agreed Andy should continue to have it. (Then he took his spot on the recliner seat…!)


Post 2017: do-nothing Sunday…

Some days the kitty boys just don’t feel like being cute.

“But your fans expect something cute, Dougy!”

I guess Dougy means it, folks! He’s on strike and Andy’s hiding.

Post 1878: floofy face…



Hee! Hee! Combing Dougy’s ruff outwards gives him an especially dramatic look. Of course, it confuses the heck out of my smart phone camera – it can’t figure out what to focus on, Dougy’s face is so…floofy!

Post 813: the boys are having their spa moment…!

I hope Andy and Dougy are behaving for Athena because I don’t want to hear they were naughty while at the groomers!

Andy sometimes gets bored and uncooperative. Dougy usually whines because he hates being in the carrier. But so far — knock on wood — they haven’t gone ballistic on any of the staff.

That, of course, assures them a welcome the next time they need a trim and a polish!

The response to the videos tells me you wanted more of the same. I hope you enjoyed today’s selection! A common theme, though, seems to be “Andy and Dougy are naughty kitties”. I knew that!