Post 1917: Andy’s a good patient!

Poor kitty! He looks like I’m tearing his tail off, but he’s actually being a very good kitty while I prepare him for his medicine.

 As mentioned earlier, I’ve added brushing Andy to the medicine routine. He was a bit growly (and scratched his groomer) the last time he and Dougy went in for grooming. By brushing him when I have him in arm for the medicine, he’s gradually getting used to the sensation, doesn’t have new mats, and may be a better client at the groomer’s next time! 

29 thoughts on “Post 1917: Andy’s a good patient!

    • I think Andy is getting used to it. It makes his coat easier to maintain (on Andy’s part) because there is less dead hair in it. Andy does a pretty good job of combing the dead floof out of his coat using his incisors, but he always eats it afterwards! (Hairball City!)

    • Andy’s more used to it now. He doesn’t fight it so much. I think the last time he was at the groomer’s, Athena got his coat cleaned up to the point that the brushing doesn’t snag since the mats are gone, as is the loose hair.

    • I’m glad I don’;t have to give him pill-form medicine! The liquid is administered with a syringe, a simple process once you hold his head in position.

    • It has nothing to do with the medicine time other than I have him handy. I hold him like a baby and brush hus tummy (since it is face up) and the side, then flip him over to expose the other side. I can oretty much get the whole cat this way. As long as there aren’t any snags, he tolerates the brushing pretty werll. I think his reistence before was because he had mats that snagged on the brush: it hurt him! I think he has started to accept the brushing as a pleasant thing.

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