17Apr20: Dougy insists I let him on my lap…

Dougy likes to hop on my lap and knead my chest. Unfortunately, he oftentimes does it when I’m writing a letter or updating this blog. He’s tenacious, though, whining and putting his paws up on the armrest of my chair or… 

…hopping up on the end table – where’s Andy? – and being a pest till I give in, put my laptop away, and submit to the “making bisquits” treatment.

18 thoughts on “17Apr20: Dougy insists I let him on my lap…

    • This lap kitty business just started this year, Michel. It’s nice but was a surprise because neither Andy nor Dougy really wants to be held for long. I guess Dougy finally figured out that this is a nice way to enjoy petting and the warmth of the human’s lap!

    • Since I have lap blankets on till the weather warms up, setting my laptop and the blankets aside to attend to kitty attention needs can get complicated. They get what they want, though. You know it!

    • Kessy and Andy share that attitude. Dougy only recently decided he can handle being a lap kitty for short times. I guess it’s related to getting older.

    • LOL! Here, they come around after getting a drink of water. Being Persians, their ruffs invariably soak up water that inevitably I find when I scratch their chins, an expectation the kitty boys have of me. Ugh!

      • You have to realise that being allowed to touch them is a great honour. You should be more grateful.
        At my house if I don’t pat them fast enough the 2 dogs and Pixie scratch to get attention. The other three cats knock stuff over to get our attention.

        • LOL! There is a similarity to their behavior here. Both scratch to get attention, but the attention they want they want in doses and ways they determine.

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