Post 2018: Guilty conscience?

J’accuse, mon chat!” Hee! Hee! What Dougy doesn’t know is I have no idea if he’s been a bad boy or not. His look’s telling, though.
His horns are up, too. What do you suppose he’s up to?

26 thoughts on “Post 2018: Guilty conscience?

    • No. I haven’t found anything new that I can attribute to a naughgty kitty, so I have to presume innocence till proven guilty. You know, United States of America and rule of law and all that stuff! LOL!

        • Yes, he was/is very funny! I don’t recall a sitcom with him in it, but looking it up, I see it was during a period when I didn’t have a television and decided not to buy a new one. (LOf course, I eventually did.)

          • The sitcom was called What a Country.
            We’ve never had a TV set. We used to connect a screen to the laptop via cable and watch what we wanted that I pulled up on my laptop. That went on until Baby Pyshka decided to sharpen her teeth on that cable. A new cable, we discovered, cost twice as much as a tiny black box called ROKU ($14.99!), that allows us to browse Youtube right on the screen, and there are no temptation for kitties on the floor.

    • Yes, that is a famous (infamous) piece of French hoistory and involves false accusation and imprisonment of a Jewish officer in the French army. There are photos posted of the original “J’Accuse” newspaper article on the Internet. Paul Muni played Emile Zola in a 1937 Hoillywood film about the Dreyfous affair, my first exposure this affsair.

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