Post 2043: to kill that mockingbird…!

Dougy knows how to hunt birds and the mockingbird will die today!

Silly bird! Dougy has you in his sight!

“Kill! Kill! Kill!” Good grief, Dougy!

[If you wonder how much fun cleaning after a couple of Persian kitties can be, that carpet was clean less than 24 hours earlier, yet the kitty boys have already begun covering it with kitty hair.]

13 thoughts on “Post 2043: to kill that mockingbird…!

    • Dougy bites and shakes it, just like he’d do with a real bird. It is brutal! KILL! KILL! KILL!

      Yes, if you want a clean, orderly home, don’t have animal pals!

      • I Latched a sparrow reaching out the door from the feeder & let it go in the house,,,Washe jumped out of a dead sleep & snatched the bird both flying over the the back of the couch & computer console… took me a month to clean up all them feathers ❕

        • Oh no! we sometimes forget the sweet little fur bindlkes in our homes are savage hunters in disguise! A Dougy puts it: KILL! KILL! KILL!

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