Post 2042: slow day…

Dougy’s had enough toy play for now…

…so he hops up on his ottoman. The expectation is I’ll entertain him.

Andy has the right idea! Bird watch out the back window.

Dougy’s tail asks the immortal question, “Aren’t you going to amuse me?!”

In the meantime, Andy’s having a fine time at the window.


Finally, happy kitty time. I scritch Dougy.

11 thoughts on “Post 2042: slow day…

    • They get what they want…or else! Dougy is especially tenacious. If I ignore him, he puts his paw on my arm or leg and pats it. The longer I ignore him, the more claw he puts out. Ow! Andfy is more direct. He puts his claws out immediately. Typically, if I am on the recliner (yes, I sometimes am allowed to sit there! lol!), he’ll put claw to the top of my head. Ow! I pay attention to him, too!

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