Post 2044: What’s up, Dougy?

Dougy stares at this spot on the wall. I see nothing.

“What’s up, Dougy?” The wall.

Dougy tires of the wall, finally!

“Want a good head scritch?” Silly question!

20 thoughts on “Post 2044: What’s up, Dougy?

  1. Washe cat stares at the wall too & I just shake my head ❕ Then lo & behold a ½ hr later a spider crawls up that wall❕ NOW did Mr. Whiskers manifest that ❓❓❓ 𝕤𝕔𝕒𝕣𝕪

    • You know those little gnats that hatch out of potting soil? Sometimes the object of interest is nothing more interesting than one of thoise little guys! A spider is an object of intense interest around these digs. Both kitty boys will stop everything to have a chance to get one of those. A cricket? Jeez! Nothing can divert their interest if one of those insects manages to show up inside!

      • Oh crickets ❕ that chirping from the laundry room drives whiskers nutz❕ I will be sweeping up their played out corpses all summer long. I have eaten sugar glazed crickets so they should be safe for him to nip at. Not like getting tape worm larva from fleas, which we have not had a problem with in over 10yrs thanks to “AdvantageII’ despite the puppy mill living upstairs 😉

      • Dog-on-it 5 minuets after mentioning crickets one crawled across my foot. I use a wheel chair at my work station so I promptly rolled over it (Bad luck) AND Washe cat napping 4 feet away missed the whole incident 🐱

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