Post 2045: Andy makes an appearance…

Andy stopped by the glider. His plan: head to the guest bedroom.

One problem. He has to get by Dougy and Dougy looks like he won’t tolerate it today.

Andy is a patient kitty, so he settles down for a wait.

Is this Andy’s chance? Dougy’s more interested in a nap than defending his ottoman.

Andy decides he’d rather get some scritches, so Dougy (the human) knows to reach back to scritch him. [No scritch photo. Taking a photo is nearly impossible when scritching! Andy enjoyed the scritches, though, then ran back to the north bathroom where Dougy and he share the room together. Silly cats!]

18 thoughts on “Post 2045: Andy makes an appearance…

  1. Pussycat Sidenote: Mom says she spoils me, so she would certainly enjoy spoiling Andy and Dougy, too, if they needed a new home. But they won’t need one, ’cause you will be there furr-ever papa.

    • I just learned yesterday that the person who gave the kitty boys to me almost eight years ago is willing to take both back should I die or have medical issues that make it impossible to care properly for them. It is a big relief!@ She is a veterinarian technician, sdo I know things like Andy’s medication will continue to be given and the kitty boys will continue to live together. With my health issues, this is something that could easily come to pass. I makes me sad to think about it, but happy to know I needn;’t worry about their fate.

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