Post 2066: Suspicious!

Here’s the latest photo of my friend Deborah’s kitties, Charles (front) and André.
Deborah writes: “The boys send their regards.  I caught them sitting suspiciously close together a few days ago. Maybe it’s because the heat is off!”

The kitty boys are happy to have a day off to show that their kitty friends Charles and André are doing well in New Hampshire!

15 thoughts on “Post 2066: Suspicious!

    • Yes, they are Deborah’s pride and joy! Charles is the loverboy kitty, and Deborah’s little granddaughter Charles are an item! LOL! André is more reserved. These are two of the three cats Deborah took to Paris.

    • Thanks, but, as I tell them, Pretty is as pretty does.” They are spoiuled rotten. Sometimes I warn them that the next time they are naughty, I’m calling Jackson Galaxy of :My Cat From Hell”. (They remind me Jackson Galaxy always points out the people are a big part of the misbehavior. Touché!)

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