Post 2067: in the shadow…

Dougy is hiding in the shadow. The light is so low, I had to process this as a black and white photo, yet he’s still hidden.

A bit better! I’d love to toss the box but this is one of Dougy’s favorites. Dougy waits for the mockingbird to pass by. RAWR!

I guess it isn’t time for the mockingbird to show up, so Dougy takes a snooze.

12 thoughts on “Post 2067: in the shadow…

    • You know what? I haven’ty seen any other kitties in the neighborhood in a long time. I klnow where at least two live (not too far from the kitty boys and me) and I think a third one who used to live on the next lane over till his huiman died must now live with the two I know of since his human was the aunt to the human who has the two other kitties. Whew! All of those kitties are inside kitties, so there is not much chance any will meet each other even though they’re living one lane over. Oh! I almost forgot the three that live directly aceoss the lane. Hey! Cats are all over the place, but they all are indoor cats! As for the mockingbirds, they are missing a chance to have lots of mocking-good fun!

    • Yes, and I haven’t discerned what makes one box preferable over another, with one exception: Dougy is especially fond of ones with narrow openings. If one is put out, he claims in in an instant. (Don’t walk by the box without verifying it is empty of cats because that’s his “ambush shack”! He like to ambush his prey (such as human feet…).

    • Actually, there are magazines on top of the box (don’t know why…?) and he’s resting his foot on another. Now all he needs is a warm carcass of mockingbird to make things perfect!

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