Post 2068: smart phone blues…

My smart phone’s acting up, so I returned to my point-and-shot Nikon camera. Nasty! Relearning the capabilities (limitations!) of the Nikon is more than I feel up to just now. Above, a low light shot of Andy and Dougy enjoying a treat. Lovely, hunh? Ugh! I think it’s time to get a new smart phone instead of piddling around with the camera.

Here’s an Andy photo on the SID card in the camera.

23 thoughts on “Post 2068: smart phone blues…

    • I use my smart phone for most photos. i thought I was going to have to switch to my Nikon point-and-shoot, but a problem with the smart phone turned out to be related to a discharged battery -the pluc pulled out of the socket and it almost totally discharged in use afterwards…

  1. My iPhone doesn’t play nice with my Windows 7 laptop, so uploading pictures from one to the other doesn’t work. I’ve been debating whether to get a “real” camera—I also have a point and shoot that takes terrible photos—but the prices always stop me. There are a lot of things I can do with a thousand dollars other than buy a DSLR camera. Anyway, I hope you’re able to replace your smartphone soon, Doug.

    • My situatkion, too! The smart phone problem apparently had something to do with charge level on the battery. After it charged for a few hours, the problem went away. I think! Anyway, it’s still time to replace it.

    • That actually is something he does. He knows when it is time for his medicine, and ears and eyes oftentimes is all I see of him then.

  2. I hear you… the first phot I took of my parents with a real cam was epic… a lot of sky and the eyes and the forehead of my father.. my mother lost this challenge, she is a hobbit so in the picture were only some hair LOL

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