Post 2090: asparagus, not a kitty…

Seriously, my favorite part of spring is when asparagus arrives at the grocery store My second favorite time is when it doesn’t cost $6.00 a pound so I can afford to make my favorite asparagus dish – steamed asparagus on wheat toast with chopped boiled egg in a bechamel sauce, topped with a bit of parmesan cheese. Yum. I add various spices to the bechamel sauce, rarely the same, though garlic, and a sprinkle of paprika are the ones that rarely change. I could eat this every day and never tire of it!

Dougy’s sad because he thinks I love asparagus more than kitties. [Kitties/asparagus…kitties/asparagus…kitties/asparagus. I’m going to have to think about this one!]

24 thoughts on “Post 2090: asparagus, not a kitty…

    • Yes, it seems tlike it needs at least three, four years and lots of TLC before you get a lovely buinch of it for lunch! The patch I planted was just getting to produce small amounts when we moved.

    • Raw is good, too! Lucky you to have your ownb patch of asparagus! I has heavy nutrient requirements, I know. I strated a patch where I used to live. Whewrre I live now,m the soil would requirte lots of work to be productive again.

    • I knosw Germans prodiuce a white “spargel” that is a springtime treat. Is Italian asparagus the white version or is it allowed to green above ground like the kind typically sold here in the USA? Asparagus risotto…yum! Sounds really tasty!

    • Leave out the asparagus and increase the amount of chopped boiled egg to maybe two eggs per piece of toaxst, and you have another favorite meal of mine, one that my mother used to make at the end of the month when monehy was scarce and she was trying to make low cost but tasty meals fort the family.

  1. I can’t get it to often in NE Tennessee, when I do I have to spring extra $ for cheese!
    BTW my brother has a one+ acre U-Pick Asparagus patch in SW Minnesota❗️ He has hundreds of folks stopping by in the summer and delivers it all over his county raising money for his church and helping to put their son through SD state in Brookings 😉

    • I swooned when I read about your brother’s asparagus patch…! SW Minnesota is about a very long day’s drive away from me, a seriously tempting thought.

    • Yum! A dollar a pound would be rare here in the center of the USA, but I thought $2.69 a p;ound was a good price for this treat. If I ever came across $1 a pound asparagus, I’d be eating asparagus morning, noon, and night till the season was over! I get two big meals out of a pound of asparagus, so that works out to be roughly $1.35 a meal fotr the asparagus.

      • That was a fluke….the cheapest is usually about $2 a pound…right now it is about $3…..Roasted with shallots, garlic and Romano cheese….is another great recipe….But I am with you….a great meal indeed. chuq

        • Yum! I can see where that would be a great way to fix it! As noted, it is around $2.69 a pound here at the moment, which is pretty much the best it gets.

    • It is! I could eat that meal over and over till I turned into an asparagus spear! Elsewhgere, one of the comments is about $1 a pound asparagus in Nevada. I suppose the origin is California.

    • Yum! I should try it that way some day! I’ve never made a hollandaise sauce, but I like it. I mean, what’s not to like about something made with so much butter? It’s a bit fussier to make than a simple bechamel sauce, but what’s not to like, too, when usewd on eggs bendict or, as you just suggested, asparagus?! (Do the French sell the white asparagus like the Spargel that is such a springtime treat in Germany? Or do you getg the green version likke typically is found here in the markets?)

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