Post 2132: opportunistic “scritching”…


Andy stretched out on the magazines.


He seemed content just to be there…


…but I felt he needed a little “scritch” for being such a good kitty. (He purred and flexed his front paws, so I guess he agreed with me!)

14 thoughts on “Post 2132: opportunistic “scritching”…

    • The kitty boys especially enjoy it when I “scritch” them. Both especially like the ears and chin to get special attention!

    • I enjoy National Geographic History the most of those left yet to read. Archeology magazine is fun,l too, as is Nebraska History (a quarterly publication of Historey Nebraska, formerly called Nebraska State Historical Society). Of course Automobile and Car and Driver are fun, too, for a lighter read.

    • You know it! On the other hand, he searches for mousies inside the pages of those magazines and amuses himself for long periods pretending he will catch one! Silly cat!

        • LOL! Well, if there is such a thing, I bet the French make the most enticing version of it! We can call it “Parfum de Souris de Goût” and package it in a Mickey Mouse bottle made by Lalique!

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