Post 2134: More changes..?

There seems to be a shift in preferences going on. This is Dougy where I expect Andy to be…!

And Andy owns the magazines-to-read pile! (I really need to work on that pile because they keep coming in the mail, eh?!)

16 thoughts on “Post 2134: More changes..?

  1. I’m thinking they’re taking turns reading up on the ways of the humans via those magazines. It is one of the steps in world takeover by us pussycats. Winks.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised, yet someone has to be kepot around to open those wet kitty food cans and to pull the strip on the bag of dry kitty food. And… what cat would want responsibility for scoopiung litter poop and pee cluompos out of the litter boixes of the world?

    • Exactly! Periodically (no pun intended!) I let subscriptions run out so I’m getting fewer and fewer magazines. I think I’m at that point againb.

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